Our  French antique furniture reproductions is Egyptian   handcrafted in traditions of French craftsmen reflecting the splendors of the French palaces in the 17th , 18th and 19th centuries as Boulle , Louis xv and Louis xvi

Wholesale French  furniture exporter of Egyptian handmade antique furniture reproductions,
  French classic antique reproduction
 furniture  and  French furniture replicas.

Antique French Chest of Drawers Louis Style

French Vitrines, Cabinets and  French Curios

French Marquetry Commodes Marble in Bombe Style

French Occasional Tables with Marble Tops

French Wooden Pedestals and  French Marble Stands

French Antique Center Table

French Secretary Desks Office Furniture and Ladies Writing Desks

French Antique Buffets, Vaisseliers,  Louis XV Buffets

Antique French Night Stand

French Side Corner  Cabinets


French  Dressers with Drawers

French Antique Cupboards and Credenzas

Antique French Jewelry Table

French Louis XV End Tables

French Louis XV Side Tables

French Chess Tables, Poker Tables and Game Tables

French Bar Cabinet and French Semanier

 French Louis XV Period, Bureau Plat Louis  XVI Desks

French Antique Desk Chair

French Marble column, Pedestals

French Marble Fireplaces, Mantels

French Occasional Marble Table

French  Louis Wall Bronze Scones 

French Mantle Clock
with Candelabra Candle Holder

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Wrought Iron

Wrought iron has been used in building from the earliest days of civilization, wrought iron door furniture being commonplace in Roman times. The structural use or iron dates from the Middle Ages, when bars of wrought iron would be used occasionally to tie masonry arches and domes.

This use of wrought iron in tension guaranteed its use throughout the ascendancy of cast iron in the canal and railway ages, as cast iron is strong only in compression. The ill fated first Tay Bridge was of cast iron beams tied with wrought iron. The demand for higher dynamic loads in bridges and warehouse buildings, and the ever greater spans of train sheds towards the end of the nineteenth century, led the designers of buildings to acquire the technology developed to build ships of iron, and create beams of riveted wrought iron rolled sections. By the turn of the century this had led to buildings completely framed in wrought iron, and later steel, girder sections, and cast iron was once again relegated to an ornamental role.

Early wrought iron was made in the fire from ore and charcoal.
The heat was sufficient for the charcoal to reduce the iron oxide to iron, but not to melt it. As a result the silicate slags were included, not refined away as we might do now, but entrained in the fibrous structure of the material. For this reason, the old irons have lasted for hundreds of years. Iron may corrode, but not its coating of silicate slags.

English Ironwork took its course through the 18th century, from Baroque to Rococo, and into a more austere era of mechanisation.

Cast Iron and the Victorian Age Cast iron has been known to the Chinese since before Christ, and was in general use in Britain in the 16th century, mainly for items like ordnance, firebacks and cooking pots. It was not until the 18th century that any large scale use in architecture became apparent. The Adam brothers experimented with cast iron. At first it was used as an ornament to wrought ironwork.

It was not however until after the foundation of the Carron Ironworks in 1759 that the headlong rush into all things of cast iron began, so familiar to us from the 19th century. Industrialisation enforced new requirements for design, strength and accuracy. The carefree blacksmith became a technician. Ornamental work too became accurate, made to drawings, and characterised by squareness and symmetry.

Wrought Iron Bakers Racks
Dinettes, wrought iron dining chairs and tables

Indoor wrought iron benches - cast outdoor furniture
Wrought iron kitchen hanging
Wrought store display fixtures , racks, glass shelves

Wrought iron chaiz loung


Hand-forged Wrought Iron Beds
Wrought iron chairs
Wrought iron pedestals and tables with glass
Wrought iron blanket stands

Wrought backless bar stools - kitchen counter stools
Wrought iron mirrors

Wrought iron  wine racks

Wrought iron brackets

Wrought iron gates

Wrought iron  plant Stand
Wrought iron occasional Table
Tall bar tables for standard or swivel stools Hat Racks - Coat Racks - wrought iron Umbrella Stands

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