Signs That Your Commercial Establishment Needs Repainting

Because of their location, commercial establishments will lose their beautiful finish a lot faster compared to residential properties. This is particularly true for their exterior. This dirty and worn look is associated with its exposure to natural elements such as the weather, graffiti, and city pollution.

Today, we are going to share with you some indications that your commercial building needs repainting from professional painters in Charlotte.

Blistering or Bubbling Paint

Sometimes, the act of blistering or bubbling in exterior paint shows the loss of adhesion of the paint from the underlying surface. There is a lot of reason why this loss of adhesion can occur. This includes trapped contaminants, severe changes in weather, sun exposure, or the combination of these things.

Moisture will become trapped under the exterior wall during humid weather and under direct exposure to the sun. When this moisture wants to escape, it leads to bubbling or blistering. Furthermore, mildew and mold growing under the paint can lead to the same result.

A bad painting job where contaminants are not removed properly or the right paint is not utilized will eventually result in peeling, cracking, and consequential long-term damage to the surface of your building.

Fading Paint

Another tell-tale indication that it is time for a repaint is fading paint. Typically, fading will happen a lot faster when poor methods or low-quality paint are used for exterior walls. UV rays will work to break down the chemical bonds. This will lead to faster fading in poor painting workmanship.

Since sun exposure is the direct cause for fading paint, a lot of experts suggest utilizing a formula that provides extra protection for exterior walls. A professional painter can help in choosing the correct paint for your property. It will offer a longer-lasting color and protection that will make your property look new.

Visible Mildew and Mold

An excellent paint job will protect the building against the elements in both commercial or residential exteriors. However, prolonged exposure over time will start to take its toll on the paint. One of the major indications is mildew and mold that will begin to spread and grow because of excess moisture.

This is particularly an issue with porous building structures and commercial establishments that are located in dark or humid environments.

Mildew and mold are accountable for the unpleasant smell and blotchy stains you might find around the exterior of your property. Though they will damage the overall appearance of your property, if ignored, they’re also a severe health threat. A fresh paint job will act as protection on these occasions.

Rebranding the Business Space

Your property’s exterior acts as the first impression of your business to foot traffic. Thus, you might find yourself needing a facelift as time goes on.

You might have to repaint your building to attract foot traffic with the help of a professional painter. You can also use it to represent its brand and your business. With repainting, you can rebrand your company as well as protect your property from the problems we have mentioned earlier.